Layer it on

by Tiffany

Yay for Fall! I’m definitely ready for it to start cooling off. According to Moi, the best fashion happens in Fall/Winter. The coats, the cuddly sweaters, the hats, mittens, scarfs, the layering!! I love layering my outfits. It keeps it interesting and adds texture.

Let’s not forget about our Summer dresses and cute shorts tho! The best part of Fall/Winter is that you can use your wardrobe from both seasons.

Today, I wore a chunky knit sweater over a strapless chiffon dress and paired it with some over-the-knee boots and a printed scarf. Later on, I took it one step further and added a maxi skirt for the ultimate layered look. I kinda dig it!

Dress, Sweater, Skirt and Scarf all from Timeless Boutique.