by Tiffany

Yesterday I splurged. What’s new? It’s not a problem if a million other girls do the same…right? Right. Thanks 🙂

It all began when I walked into work and saw the most amazing mannequin staring me in the face. I loved her. I wanted to be her. I wanted to walk into a bar with her and have everyone stare at us…either wanting us or wanting to be us. Yes, it must’ve been the jacket she was wearing…but WAIT!! It can’t be…is there an attached cardigan? In the most beautiful grungy green color? Le gasp! It was love at first sight, and for $112 (and my discount) I wasn’t leaving there without it.

I paired it with my new burgundy velvet leggings ($32) and an older chiffon top from BCBG which btw, I got a million compliments on and one customer even offered to buy it off my back for $200. Maybe I should’ve taken her up on that…

Leggings, Jacket from Timeless Boutique