Comfy. Cozy. Chic.

by Tiffany

It’s raining in Los Angeles! The automatic fireplace is on and I’m cuddled up with my man watching Sunday football. Today is all about comfort…but in a cute way, of course!

I don’t care what people say about Uggs. Sure, some styles are ugly, and yes, it’s annoying when girls wear them with skirts and a tank top in the middle of summer, but my Uggs are cute and they’re the most comfortable boots I own. I got them for Christmas last year, and this adorable Sheepskin cuff style is still available. There’s even a taller style that I’m kind of jealous of…check it. They kind of remind me of my boyfriend’s Goldendoodle.

Moving right along, how do you feel about spirithoods? They even have styles for men! I questioned whether or not a straight man would actually wear one…but then I saw a guy the other day rockin one…and NO he was not gay. I say, good for him! So, the Spirithoods go for $129 and I’m sure they’re amazing, BUT the one that I’m wearing is only $35 so there!

Anyways, happy Sunday! I’m off to go make some hot cocoa!

Hat, shirt and necklace available at Timeless Boutique