Gipsy Girl

by Tiffany

As I said before in a previous post, I will be updating my hosiery wardrobe…adding to it here and there as I see fit. So as I was Christmas shopping I came across these Gipsy mock over-the-knee tights and, naturally, fell in love. *Click*…added to shopping cart. I continued browsing the selection and became slightly overwhelmed. I wanted so many that I couldn’t make up my mind. To those of you who know me, Im sure that doesn’t come as a surprise. Cut to the end of the story where I ‘proceed to checkout’ with 2 pairs of tights, one pair of wool over-the knee socks and one pair of color-blocked ankle socks…along with one Christmas gift. Hey, at least I got one gift!

The other pair of tights that I ordered were also by Gipsy. I placed my order through ASOS, but I was curious about what else they had to offer. I looked up the brand and found out that they have an amazing selection of styles and the price points are very reasonable! Unfortunately, they are based in the UK but they do have international shipping so you just need to be patient. Click to check out Gipsy Tights.

P.S. I’m wearing these killer new wedge ankle boots that I just got. I’ll post the details soon!