Pastel Beauty Queen

by Tiffany

Cotton Candy

The forecast for Spring 2012 is pale blue sky’s, peachy horizons and minty fresh air…in other words, a sugary-sweet palette of the yummiest pastels for an innocently feminine look. I love, love, love pastels! They conjure up images of Marie Antoinette, Laduree macaroons, rainbow sherbet and cotton candy. What’s not to love?

Kelly Osborne Purple Hair

This color trend (continued from Spring 2011) has already made its way to the hair salons. Celebrities and daring trendsetters have been spotted with everything from pale streaks of lavender to peach tips to a full head of bright blue (a la Katy Perry). I even see the younger teens in the Valley bombing around with pink streaks!

I’ve been contemplating whether or not I want to adopt this trend. I actually tried it out for the first time about 6 years ago. I had a bright pink layer at the back of my neck but you could only see it if I pulled my hair up. I’m definitely digging the peach tips that Lauren Conrad has or the pink wash that Katy Perry just got done.

Lauren Conrad_Katy Perry

The rational side of me would get the colored clip-ins that you can find here…and then I don’t have to worry about damaging my fragile ends! We’ll see…if I try it, I’ll post about it in the future.

One trend that I absolutely WILL be trying is pastel make-up. There are some great collections being launched in early 2012 such as ‘Candy Face’ by YSL and the Givenchy Spring 2012 Collection.

Pastel Makeup

What do you think about this trend?