Sparkling Snow Polish

by Tiffany

I wanted to be festive with my nails during the holiday season so I brainstormed some options. I almost went with a red polish and green glitter tips but then I thought I’d be really annoyed by them after a couple days. Inspired by sparkling snow, I set off on a drug store journey to get some white polish and chunky silver glitter polish.

I was at Target with my Mom and I found this ‘Lavender Cloud’ color that was white with just a tint of lavender, very pretty. I was torn between that and just plain white but my Mom said that this color was more unique so I should get it instead. DONE.

Unfortunately, there weren’t ANY chunky glitter polishes at Target. They had plenty of regular glitter colors but not what I wanted. The wild goose hunt was about to begin.

The next day I went with my Dad to run some errands and I had him stop at CVS. No. Frickin. Glitter.

Honestly, I was shocked. It’s the holidays for christ sake. They should be all about glitter polishes, right? I thought maybe since I was in suburbia Massachusetts the variety wasn’t as ‘on-trend’ or something. Either way, I was losing hope.

The next day was Christmas Eve, my last day to find this polish. My ‘Ah-ha’ moment came when I remembered that there was a Sally Beauty Supply up in New Hampshire next to Walmart and they opened at 9am. I was there at 9:15am. I was certain that they would have plenty of options. WRONG! I began to feel a headache coming on so I turned to the lady that worked there and asked her “Do you have any of that chunky glitter nail polish?” She went around to the side of the register and pulled out this mini-bottle of chunky silver glitter polish! THANK YOU GOD!

Two coats of Lavender Cloud and two coats of glitter, finished with Seche Vite dry fast top coat (the best top coat ever). The results were exactly what I wanted. Pretty, sparkling and perfect for the winter.