NYE Nails

by Tiffany


Happy New Years Eve!!! And happy birthday to my baby brother who is visiting me in L.A. for the big celebration. He turns 24 today!

We got a crew together to go out to Beso in Hollywood tonight. Since my friend bartends there we get a little bit of the VIP treatment, yay! I usually don’t do NYE in Hollywood but I gotta show the bro a good time!

I just finished my nails for the night. I used 3 coats of this shimmery black polish because it was kind of watery. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it, but it was $1.99 and I’m saving my money for birthday shots. For a little NYE sparkle, I put 1 coat of silver glitter on just the tips of my nails.

Have a safe and amazing New Years!!