Peoples Choice Awards: The Best & The Worst

by Tiffany

Here we go! Behold some of the best dressed and the not-so-best dressed of the 2012 Peoples Choice Awards…in my opinion anyway. I have listed them in no particular order…


1. Lea Michelle – This white fringy number was absolutely stunning in every way. I kinda wish she did her hair differently but overall she looked amazing.

2. Miley Cyrus – WOW. Very unexpected for Miley. She looked radiant. The dress was so flattering on her and it was fun, sexy and age appropriate. Her shoes were a perfect match and her hair looked great!

3. Carly Chaikin – I think this dress is super cute and funky. I like how she kept her shoes, accessories and hair very simple so that it wouldn’t be overkill. Very cool.

4. Ashley Benson – This girl is just so cute! The feminine and flirty black/white combo is definitely working for her and her loose waves and basic pumps compliment the look to a T.

5. Lucy Hale – Again, loving the edginess of this dress. I think the younger girls should definitely take more risks while they can. The only thing I would change would be the hair. Maybe a sleek pony would’ve worked better so that it wouldn’t interfere with the great shoulder line of the dress.

6. Cheryl Burke – Glamorous. She fit into this dress perfectly and I love the lace and the scalloped edging. Shoes, hair and accessories, all very complimentary.

7. Jennifer Lawrence – LOVE the color of this dress! The design is very modern and cool and I think it worked well on her.

8. Kaley Cuoco – The host of the show looked simply elegant in this creamy gown. The color looked great on her and the detailing on the dress was just fabulous.


1. Demi Lovato – Ok, so I LOVE Marchesa but I just don’t like this dress on her, on this night. It was just too much with the beading and her boobs and whatnot. She’s too young and too edgy to be wearing this.

2. Courtney Coleman – I’m sorry but WTF is this? What made her think that it was OK to wear her German Beer Maid outfit from Halloween?

3. Ginnifer Goodwin – I really, really wanted to like this. It’s very avant garde and I love the color but it just doesn’t look good. Maybe its the sleeves?

4. Ashley Greene – This dress is played out…Britney did it better. The thing I really don’t like about this is that you can see her underwear and her belly button. I cringe at the sight of a belly button through someones dress.

5. Jennifer Morrison – I actually like the dress, it’s very pretty and cool. What kills me is her big frickin bun sitting on top of her head and those horrid shoes! This could’ve been very chic if it was done right.

6. Jane Levy – Complete and utter snooze fest. I’d wear this to work…on a Monday…if I was hungover. And I’d at least throw on a chunky necklace and a leather jacket to add some kind of interest! Her only accessory is a watch…not a bracelet or funky cuff…a watch….a WATCH.

7. Vanessa Hudgens – Trying too hard here. The dress is nice but it would probably look better on someone else. When she walked on stage it just didn’t fit her right. Her super dark, smokey eye, the earrings and the beaded clutch just made her look heavy and over done.

8. Nina Dobrev – This dress is very pretty and the color is stunning on her. Her hair is shiny and perfect. But those shoes!!!! What a way to kill a great look. I mean did she break a heel on the way to the ceremony and had to borrow these? They just don’t go. The end.


1. Zachary Levi – He looks so amazingly dapper, I LOVE it! The gold tie, the scruff, the little hair spike just all work for me. He took a little bit of a risk and I think that he was the best dressed man there.

2. Paul Wesley – A little casual and undone…rugged and sexy. I’m diggin the rolled up sleeves too. I’m a fan!

3. Joseph Lawrence – The “nerdy chic” look. I think it’s totally cute and I love the glasses!

4. Ian Somerhalder – He’s such a stud. I love the color of his suit and his unbuttoned black top. Very sleek and sexy.

5. Adam Levine – So sharp! Adam Levine is a god in my eyes. I wish I had the guts to tell him that when I was standing next to him at Teddy’s a couple years ago…*sigh…anyways, I love the shiny navy blue suit and black top and the belt just rocks it out for me. Perfection.