Maxi’s & Motorcycle Boots

by Tiffany

In L.A. you never know what the weather’s going to be like. One day it’s cloudy and cold and the next day people are heading to the beach for a BBQ. Might I add that a beach day never turns into a beach night (like on the east coast when it stays warm). No, no, no. At night it’s cold, and if you’re staying out until the day turns to night then you best be prepared with a jacket, sweater or scarf and possibly a change of shoes.

On this particular day I thought it was going to be hot out because the sun was shining in my window when I woke up. I was proven wrong when I stepped outside. Luckily, I’m accustomed to this kind of thing and already had a little bag packed with a leather jacket and my motorcycle boots.

The key to wearing flat boots with a maxi is length. The maxi dress needs to just skim the floor when you’re barefoot in order to pull it off. If not, then you’ll be tripping all day and that’s not cute. Also, keep in mind that you can always get it hemmed for a low cost at your local cleaners. My rule is, if you LOVE it and it doesn’t quite fit, buy it and get it tailored.

Leather jacket, vintage; Maxi dress and necklace, Timeless Boutique