Skorting The Issue

by Tiffany

Zara OOTDZara SkortsIMG_7758 AccessoriesI truly believe that Zara is taking over the world…the fashion world anyway. Since I enjoy being different and like to have unique things in my closet, I try really hard to not shop at Zara. But that’s just it…it’s really hard to not shop there! Over the past few years, their design team has gotten so badass that every time I go into the store I want to buy everything that I see.

Without realizing it, I dressed in head to toe Zara today. I recently bought these white skorts (that I’ve now seen on pretty much every blogger) and this rad statement necklace. When I put my outfit together I just threw on a basic tee, leather jacket and heels…then I realized that they were all older purchases from Zara…what a dork…I despise a head to toe look from any mainstream designer/company. But I must admit, I totally dig this look…so here’s to you, Zara!

Skorts & Necklace available at