Vintage Tapestry

by Tiffany

vintage tapestry cutoffsvintage tapestry cutoffsvintage tapestry cutoffsvintage tapestry cutoffsvintage tapestry cutoffs and gold rings


Funny story…

When I was growing up, my aunt used to send my parents boxes of hand-me-downs from my older cousins. They always wore really nice clothes so I always got super excited when one of her packages would arrive. I was probably in 7th grade when I got these floral tapestry cutoffs.

Over the years, as I would clean out my closets, I kept a few things that I thought would be cool again…or something that my unborn fashionista child would want. I put these items in boxes and stored them in my parents attic. On a trip back east I decided to look through those boxes just for fun and I found these shorts! I was pretty impressed with myself that they actually fit. They came back to Cali with me and this is the first time I am wearing them πŸ™‚

Top – Marc by Marc Jacobs
Floral cutoffs – Vintage
Fringe ankle boots – Zara
Gold rings – Timeless Boutique