Vegan Veggie Roll-up

by Tiffany

Vegan Veggie Roll-up

This is a super yummy sandwich that I found on pinterest one day and decided to make for lunch (originally pinned from FitSugar which is a great site for recipes and healthy tips). I tend to eat a lot of salads but that can get boring and I always end up eating some kind of dessert after because I have room in my belly for it. This veggie sandwich is pretty hearty and packed with protein so it really fills you up. I usually eat half and then save the other half for lunch the next day. I’ll probably still eat some kind of dessert after…who am I kidding? Actually, on a side note, I recently discovered that Medjool Dates make a great healthy dessert. I bought some to use in a recipe and ended up eating one after dinner and it totally satisfied my sweet tooth!

So I got all of the ingredients from Trader Joes and below you can see how I made my vegan veggie roll-up. I’m not going to write out how I made the wrap because the pictures say it all…but in the second photo, I put a little bit of olive oil and herbs on the wrap to start.

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